• How do industries transform with metaverses: best metaverse examples from the world
  • How to create metaverse edition of your business for best CX (customer experience)
  • How to create metaverse edition of your organization for best EX (employee experience)
  • What are the best Web 3.0 UX principles to create most usable and attractive metaverse user experiences
  • How to seamlessly merge physical and digital identities of your customers and employees under synthetic realities
  • How to connect your products in real life with virtual items on the metaverse
  • How to create most connected and productive communities on metaverse
  • What are the trends shaping the metaverse
    • Creator Economy
    • Web 3.0
    • NFT
    • P2E Gaming
    • dAPP
    • DeFi
    • DAO
    • AI
  • Metaverse technologies: tips for selecting the best metaverse technologies
  • Real Life Case Study: apply learning outcomes in a metaverse