We design, build and rent metaverses where you can organize events and run your business at a new age virtual world.

Some of Our Projects

Get answers to your questions about how to create best customer and employee experiences and solve top challenges in your organization with tips, techniques and methodologies showcased at Design Thinking Metaverse built for Explori.io

Find answers of most frequent questions, dos and donts about UX Design and Usability techniques, principles, guidelines and best practices. And also watch how top global companies apply design mindset. UX Metaverse is built for UXservices.

View comments of mentors on top business analysis questions and meet with colleagues to run requirements engineering workshops and socialize at the same time. BA Metaverse is built for BA-Works

Enhance your insightful thinking, pattern recognition and out of box thinking skills and boost your creativity. Creativity Metaverse is built for Explori.io

Meet with other the3rdplace.ai community members and socialize at meetups, parties, concerts, exhibitions and special events

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