DigitalBeings@3rdPlace Philosophy

The most important factor that will transform digital technologies into digital beings is whether these technologies have an existential meaning from which they overflow or not.
All beings are made up of information, energy and matter. We believe that this state of “overflow”, which is the secret of the existence of all living things in the universe is also valid for digital beings.
As the abstract attributes of classes enrich, the system transforms from a simple one that operates at data and categorical information level into a more advanced one that can reach to conceptual knowledge on universal active intellect.
The behaviour of a system depends on the value of its classes’ attributes. While concrete attributes form the “material existence” of the system, abstract attributes form its “soul”.
The universe is in a constant state of  flow. The laws of physics  regulate the behavior of beings in the universe without disrupting their natural flow and motion. This should apply to business rules managing digital beings.

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